Settling in: Tips for a Successful Transition

Like anything new, moving to an assisted lifestyle community can be an adjustment. Here are some tips to make settling in smooth and successful.



Say farewell to your current home.

Before you start making memories in your new home, it’s important to give the old one a proper goodbye. Prior to your move, spend some time honoring your current dwelling in your favorite way. Whether you want to relax in your favorite chair or enjoy dinner with friends and family, getting closure can help open your heart to the next chapter ahead.

Keep an open mind.

Change can stir many emotions. Be open to all your feelings—good and bad. Know that fear is natural but that it’s temporary. If you find anxiety about the move overwhelming, make a list of all the positive aspects of this change: A lock-and-leave lifestyle, new friends and interesting activities to explore, a helping hand when you need it. Focus on what you’re gaining, not what you’re losing.

Establish a sense of familiarity.

Bring a healthy mix of old and new items to your new home. That way, you’re balancing the security of what you know with the potential for what you have yet to discover. Also, start getting to know staff, residents and the surrounding community as soon as possible. The more familiar you become, the sooner at home you’ll feel.